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Meet the Founder of EBB:
Haley Barbetti 

Hi, my name is Haley Barbetti. I am an avid health enthusiast on a mission to promote health & fitness.

I started competitive powerlifting when I was a senior in college 

(2017) at Florida State University. I just the FSU Weightlifting Club and continued until I graduated with my Master's in 2019. My undergraduate degree was focused on studio art and art history. My graduate degree was focused on art education. I am currently an educator, artist and personal trainer and working on my second Master's degree in Communication Management at UNF.

In my spare time, I enjoy making art, gardening, hiking and playing the drums. I come from a very musical family and was a competitive percussionist for 6 years. Overall, I believe in leading a well-rounded life and aim to try new things and challenge myself.

Thank you for taking time to get to know me, and be sure to follow me on Instagram as well: @PowerfulHippie. Happy Health :) 

Why Did I Choose to be a CSCS?

Untitled design.png

After six years of learning from the pro's and committing to intense training and competitive powerlifting, I decided to go through a program to become a certified personal trainer and get my CSCS (Strength & Conditioning certificate). I went through the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) because after a lot of research, it seemed to be the most extensive course covering everything from nutrition basics to specialized training.

Currently, I specialize in designing workout programs, focusing on muscle building, strength training and powerlifting meet programming. As someone who has been outside looking in for years, I am eager to use my knowledge and experience to guide you in your health and fitness journey! 

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